There is something to be learned from every job we do.  All of your part-time jobs will teach you something about who you are and what type of work you like to do.  Treat each job like an opportunity to learn and grow.

Did you know that Canadians can expect to hold roughly 15 jobs in their careers!  The new normal has become for people to stay on any one job for between two and three years

Knowing that a job – even a profession – isn’t permanent should take some of the pressure off the decision making. It’s not so dire which job you take right now since your career will be made up of the many, many jobs you’ve held and paths you’ve followed over your working life.

The most important question to ask is no longer “What should I do?” It has become what am I going to do next? What skills can I acquire next, what can I take on next to add accomplishments to my resume, what will my next career move be.

WEX 12A/12B – 8 Credits

Howe Sound Secondary offers custom tailored work experience programs to suit your specific career goals.  Work Experience (WEX) placements involve some preparatory course work before a work placement can begin.  The students in a WEX course must complete a workplace agreement in advance of their placement to be covered by Work Safe BC.  Opportunities to convert to a Youth Work in Trades apprenticeship often begin with a WEX placement.

Most of the students sign up for 2 blocks of work experience where they are placed within a career of their choice for half a day.  This course provides flexibility to work after school and on weekends if necessary.  Each WEX course earns 4 credits towards graduation.

Sometimes we can use a students existing part time employment to provide paid work experience credit.

IDS 12A/12B – 8 Credits

IDS (Independent Direct Studies) can provide an additional 8 credits towards their graduation.  The course recognizes that students will gain and practice employability skills that can be transferred to future career goals. With mutual approval from their employer/parents/school, students will be required to complete a training plan to highlight the transferable skills they will gain.  Additional online course material and an employer evaluation will be required to complete the outcomes of the course.

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