WB Peak Experience

Whistler Blackcomb has combined their Peak Experience Program with their Holiday Help Program.  The new Peak Experience Program requires the students to work a minimum of 10 paid shifts over the holidays in exchange for 4 high school course credits and a season’s pass.  Below you will find all the important dates and forms required to participate. (Printable timeline for Peak –   Printable timeline for Snow School)

Oct 31        – Deadline to apply online (Instructions)

Nov 16 ,   Consent and Application form to be returned to Career Programs Teacher
Descriptions of Positions Available

Nov 18   -Interviews must be booked online

Nov. 19 & 20,   – Interviews in Whistler for Peak

Nov 30.  -Snow School interviews must be booked online

Dec  3 & 4,  –  Interviews in Whistler for Snow School Mentorship Program
Bring your Shift Selections

Dec. 5,   – Orientation Day in Whistler (bring all completed and signed forms)

Dec 10 – 24th,  – Check in for employment for Snow School Mentorship program

Dec. 20,  – April  20,   – Students work within their division

Jan 1,  – Begin shadowing for Snow School.

Mar 1,   – Student Evaluations emailed to supervisors & Mentorship evaluations will be emailed to Career Counsellors

Mar 14,  – Student Snow School Evaluations and Mentorship Evaluations due back to Lucy

Mar 15,  – Mentorship Snow School student evaluation filled out by supervisor and sent to Career Counsellors

Apr 15,   – Student Evaluations for PEAK emailed to supervisors & Peak Experience evaluation emailed to Career Counsellors

Apr 30th    –  Student Evaluations & Peak Experience Evaluations due back to Lucy.

May 1st   – Student Evaluation filled out by supervisors and sent to Career Counselors


  • Description of what your job as like.
  • What was the most memorable experience on the job?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • Where do you go from here in terms of career planning?

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